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“Amanda is a very gifted medium, intuitive and healer. Her readings for me have been spot on. Her kind heart and humour also make the sessions very enjoyable. I found Amanda’s session very helpful and I continue to receive benefits from them. If you are looking for guidance or support, get in touch with Amanda.”

Lara Waldman
The Abundance Activator

 “Amanda is a world-class healer and medium with impeccable ethics, powerful skill and a giant heart. She has the one-of-a-kind ability to give clients the guidance they need to move forward in EVERY area of their lives, to heal pain and heartache and to get real answers to their questions about their lives. She is truly a healer’s healer.”
Carisa Montooth
Love Coach | Energy Healer

“I love Amanda! She is one of the kindest, most generous and intuitive souls I know. She is a woman who is wise beyond her years and uses her experiences and powerful intuitive skills to support everyone around her with so much compassion and love. Amanda is deeply loved by her clients and peers and truly is an earth angel.

If you are looking for guidance and support in you life or business I highly recommend Amanda and her powerful work. She knows how to navigate both the depths of the human experience as well as the loving energies of the angels and she is both down to earth and has a wicked sense of humour. Amanda is a an honest, deeply connected and powerful healer and intuitive. You will receive so much support and clear guidance from her and her beautiful team of angels.”

Karina Ladet
Intuitive Channel, Healer & Mentor for Conscious Entrepreneurs


Angel Healing Session:

My experiences with Amanda have been amazing! The first time we met I wasn’t sure what to expect, but she made me feel comfortable right away.  The communication that she has shared with me from my angels has been wonderful and life changing.  I continue to be impressed to see circumstances unfold in my life exactly as she has described.  After meeting with her, I feel inspired, supported, and loved.  I would highly recommend a session with Amanda!   Amanda is a breath of fresh air to be around. 

Angela B

Soul Mentoring Session:

Meeting with Amanda was like meeting one of your good friends for coffee. The way about her is relaxing and so is her energy also mixed with tons of joy and sparkles! A lot of what we had discussed was already known to me, but she was extremely supportive and also picked up on things I hadn’t even discussed and brought much light to the situation. She also really directed me in different ways than I thought and that was great. The material that she had suggested was wonderful and I’m so looking forward to learn more. I will definitely see her again! 


Soul Mentoring Session:

Amanda was a such a joy to work with. She is very kind and funny and felt like an old friend. I contacted Amanda for a soul mentoring session and she picked up on specific people, events, and emotions in my life. She not only gave me the confirmation and reassurance that I already knew to be true, she also gave me new ideas and tools to use in order to move forward. Thank you, Amanda!


Angel Healing Session:

Amanda is an amazing soul. She is open, kind, and truthful in her readings. She has the ability to make you feel so comfortable, like you have known her your entire life; and you want to talk to her like she is your best friend! She guides you, using the Angels around you as compasses. I was fortunate enough to experience her amazing connection to our Angel guides; she was spot on with her perception of my now husband and I. Amanda is truly an earthly Angel in her own right, and brings light and love wherever she goes. Thank you Amanda for being true to yourself and true to those around you!


Angel Healing Session:

Amanda is a gentle joyful sparkle that courageously connects to the non-physical realm on your behalf during her mystic reading sessions.  


Healing Session:

Listen to what Amanda tells you and take it to heart because there will be real truth to it. It’s worth the effort on your part to take what she shares with you and apply it. I did, and I’m glad!

-Matt Z

Healing Session:

I highly recommend hearing from your guardian angels with Amanda’s guidance. Working with their messages has given me the confidence to to move forward during a particularly difficult period in my life.  I came away from our session with a sense of calm. Overall it was a very uplifting experience.


Healing Session:

I have had two Angel readings from Amanda in the past two years. While I was initially a skeptic, her readings have always proven to be true when looking back on them. There are always messages of love and how to become my best self. I will definitely turn to her and the angels guidance in the future.


Angel Healing Session:

Amanda is like a therapist with cheat codes. She can give eerily accurate advice and is gentle and supportive.

-Jasmin G

Angel Healing Session:

Amanda has been working with her intuitive skills for many years. Her connection to the angel realm, and her sensitivity to the divine are gifts that she shares willingly and abundantly. I have enjoyed and been enlivened by her readings, by her art, and by her kind and loving soul.

-Jean Marie

Workshops and Healing Sessions:

Amanda is pure love! Whether she is teaching a class, giving a reading, or organizing an event…I highly recommend her personally and professionally, as my clients have always expressed enjoying the quality of Amanda’s work! She even helped me personally when my own son was choosing between life and death (as we refer to it). I will always be grateful! She also comes with glitter and unicorns!

-Sheryl Henkin-Kealey The Sycamore’s Spirit Healing Retreat

Angel Healing Session:

I went to see Amanda for an angel healing session the day before the 13th anniversary of my husbands passing.  Amanda brought loving energy through from the Angels to help me on that day.

I tend to attract needy people.  Amanda immediately recognized that I needed to strengthen my boundary setting.  She recommended re-reading Doreen Virtue’s Earth Angel. I opened the book and found the information I needed.

Amanda also knew I was writing a book and made suggestions regarding journaling, flower essences, and himalayan salts among other things.  Amanda also knew I am a list maker.  And that these suggestions could turn into a “to do” list.  She passed on information from my Angels to help guide me to let life flow.

We even had a visit from my Dad who had never come through to me before.  Amanda described his features, dress and mannerisims to a T.

The session was so calming and helpful. I am very thankful for the Angel Healing. It was a wonderful combination of chakra cleansing, suggestions from the angels and a visit with my Dad.

Thank you Amanda, please keep doing this work


Angel Healing Session:

I met with Amanda last week for my first Angel Healing Session and it was beyond my expectations. I did not come a list of prepared questions, I just wanted to let Amanda set the flow of the conversation and see where it lead us. Amanda was able to communicate with my angels and offer me specific guidance and insightful information. She did it in such a caring, soothing manner which made you feel very comfortable. Throughout my session she was very truthful and honest with what she was receiving from the other side-it was amazing. She was also able to communicate with some of my past loved ones and knew things about them that there is no way she would have known. It was such a beautiful experience and I would highly recommend a session with her for anyone who would like to be more in tune with themselves and their spiritual Surroundings.



Healing Session:

We are reaping benefits from your readings.  Everything you said is coming together.  I feel more connected to God and more at peace.  In a world of charlatans you are the real deal.  Thank you.



I love coming to your seminars and I finally figured it out. I already knew I love learning and growing as a person. Now I know I have more compassion and peace after your sessions. It’s such a cool thing I thirst for more.

There are very few people who can make others feel better about themselves and you are one of them. Just by being you, I feel I am on the correct path for me. Even my Angel card reinforced that yesterday.

I love that you are writing, teaching, doing your art, enjoying animals and children and a bunch of other things that feed your soul.

Please keep up your work, you are touching progressives and I thank you for that.


Healing Session:

Having a session with Amanda was one of the most wonderful and life-changing events in my life. I went for a session during one of the toughest times of my life. I needed to know there was a “light at the end of the tunnel” so to speak and Amanda provided me that insight. Her intuitive guidance gave me hope and a new direction. I have followed her advice and have used her predictions as mile markers along my path. I am happy to say that every mile marker has come to pass and I am well on my journey to my true life’s purpose.

The dream board and journal writing have been very beneficial. I am well on my path to my life purpose of “making a place for children where they feel loved.” I am working on a children’s book with new age philosophies and believe this is the only the tip of the iceberg.




This was the first time I attended a class like this and was a bit nervous.  Amanda was a great teacher.  Immediately put the class at ease with her warm and caring personality.

I felt great after the workshop!  The exercises that we did were great and taught me to trust my intuition more.  Would love to do another soon!



Healing Session:

I wanted to thank Amanda for the very insightful session she did!  I was stunned by some of my “personality quirks” that she picked up on and all the detail she gave. It has been about 6 weeks since my session- and one of the things she mentioned that would happen in December that I was sure could notDID HAPPEN !! (She mentioned that I would be relaxing in a cabin in the woods in December. Knowing that I didn’t have the time or money to do this, I thought surely it could not be right.  Then, my parents out of the blue decided to take a trip after Christmas and asked me to house sit….so I did at their log cabin…in the woods!! ) I am so excited and looking forward to the next few months now that I have a “hint” from the Angels and Amanda of what they might entail!  I can’t wait to come for another session !!



Healing Session:

Amanda has performed several sessions for me, and each time I have been amazed by the amount of details she provides.   Amanda answers specific questions with definitive “yes” or “no” answers, and then elaborates with clear, precise information.  She avoids general and non-committal comments and instead provides exacting descriptions of what she sees.    I don’t know how she does it, but so far everything she has said to me has been 100% accurate.


Healing Session:

I have been blessed by Amanda’s clear, kind, Light infused sessions for many years. The insight and grace that she embodies creates an open channel for all the right messages to come through. Simply, delightful.

– Jean


Healing Session:

I’ve been having angel healing sessions with Amanda for some years now, each time leaving with a powerful sense of clarity, comfort, and renewed inspiration. She passes on information your angels want you to know in a soothing, warm, and encouraging light, always truthful and not simply what you would
prefer to hear. She reminds you of forgotten dreams, hopes, and a sense of purpose if you have at all
lost them along your way. If you choose to leave it open for her to receive guidance from the angels
instead of asking a specific question(s) she is able to accurately pinpoint concerns you may be having.
It surprises me every time, replacing any skeptical parts of myself with excitement and validation that
what is being communicated is truth. I’m grateful for the privilege of knowing someone as friendly and
uplifting as Amanda, whose angel readings never fail to remind me of my life’s purposes, motivating
me to pursue them with the clarity to navigate through the uncertainties which muddy a clear vision of
direction to take.



*Disclaimer: This information is meant to be used as a guide.  In no way is it replacing medical care, or serving as a prescription.  Amanda does not dispense medical or psychiatric advice or prescribe the use of any treatment for physical, emotional or medical problems.  In the event you use this information, which is your constitutional right, Amanda Kunkel assumes no responsibility for your actions.

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