Adult Bullies and How the Angels Deal

I love to be as REAL as possible with you.


To share the events that happen in both the Angelic Realm….and here on Earth.


                     Because, when it comes down to it we are just human. 


Beautifully flawed in all our ways.


There will be misunderstandings.  Disagreements.  And people who just DON’T get along.


It happens.  We don’t always have to be right.


                   Just heard and respected


I was so blessed to be able to host a LIVE Webinar with the world today.  One in which we cleared out fear and brought in love.


                  Love and safety from the Angels


Right after this event, I was feeling all BLISSED-OUT.


    So honored to help so many women.


I was at the office and had to load my car for this weekends events.  WHEN IT HAPPENED.


Backstory: A little over a month ago, an adult bully moved into the office across the hall from me.


              A bully in Sheeps Clothing



A bully who has attacked me and my staff from the get go.  At first she seemed sweet and kind.  She is a healer (whole other post on that one….  Healer Bullies).  And it quickly turned into attacks.


            Over Noise.

           Over how we shut doors.

         Over talking inside my office at a normal volume with the door closed.



 I reached out to the rental office for help—but nothing happened.  In fact, the bathroom doors in my hall have so much “noise deadener” on it—that the door won’t properly latch shut.

        Love peeing and having the door pop open for the world to see

I told my staff to just act as normal people (no blasting a cell phone in the hall….not that they would anyway) and not engage this woman.



Because she berates at them. Giving them instructions on how to  load  and unload art supplies into the office as to NOT BOTHER HER.


                 She goes out of her way to build herself up by putting them down through attempting to control

                  In a sad attempt to heal whatever’s broken in her own heart and life

That’s been my Angels advice to me.  “Don’t engage her.”


        Because we are all just trying to find love and happiness.

        Because we are all just attempting to speak our truths.


But I realized last week….. I’ve been avoiding my office.  My safe creative space.  Because it was no longer safe.  Or nurturing.


I approached our new management.  “Move my office or end my lease.”


Could I  have demanded they evict her?  By putting my foot down and “defending my ground” I could have stayed in an office that has been hit with negative vibes for months now.


Could I have stayed and fought every time she harassed me or my employees?  Kept a log?  Called the police?  Absolutely.


Would that have brought me peace and light and made my creative space safe again?

Maybe. But at a price. Much too high a price

          That would have left me the rags of what used to be my safe space

And my Angels said, “Walk away from this one.”



Other times I have been told to stay and stand my ground



Because you see–even though I communicate with the Angels, feel all the love and guidance–I am just human.  With the same human things going on around me.



Then leaving my office today and packing the car when it happened…. AGAIN.



While feeling so completely, totally, and beautifully blissed out after the healing I was able to provide and record for the world



I walked straight to my rental office and said, “Enough is enough.”



Not only am I moving into my new office on Tuesday, but the office manager will be checking on my progress so I am not harassed as I move.



Because today was the last straw.



I bit my tongue today.



My human instincts were screaming, “Amanda, it’s about time you chimed in….”

       But my Angels were saying, “Walk away.  Just walk away.”

So I did.



We are all just human.  Wanting love and light.  To be happy and healthy and have our space safe.


Some people just approach it differently.  Some people think that’s accomplished when they feel big by making others feel small.

             Some people cannot handle the darkness in themselves, so they place it on others

I’ve walked away and am excited for my new office space (one hallway over and 30 feet down).

I’m excited to leave this adult bully behind.

To move on.  Back into safe space.

Was it hard?  YES.

Can I say I will always be so diligent about listening to my Angels?  I HOPE SO.  But I am just human.

Have an adult bully?



Listen to your Angels.  Are they asking you to stand up and fight or stand up and leave?

The Angels don’t always tell us to take the easy path, but they do always tell us which one is the right one.

Each situation is different.

Know that you are loved.

Know that your Angels are here to help you through.





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