Always Expanding

Your heart and spirit are always expanding.

There is no in-between.

Sometimes it may SEEM like life is handing out buckets of rotten fruit.  In fact, sometimes you’re glad there is, at least, something in the bucket- even if it is shitty.

I used to default on auto pilot and just WISH or day dream for good things to happen to me.  Because, I was often getting an empty bucket that smelled like rotten fishing.  

When you have an empty stomach it makes you happy when the bucket the world gives you has at least rotten food.


I had no idea that I could use my wishes and day dreams and harness thrm to turn my bucket of ick into mounds of sugary cupcakes with sparkly glitter on them.

I had no idea I could EXPAND.

It was a process I resisted at first.  It seemed to good to be true.  What it really was, was that I needed  internal healing before I could accept the fact that….yes, I had mounds of unicorn cupcakes available to me.

Or that I deserved it. (PS you deserve simply because you are.  This is a non negotiable)

What did my resistance look like?

Anger and picking arguments with people
Depression/anxiety with procrastination 
Sour attitude
Drinking more alcohol during college years
Binge watching TV
There came a point where I had been resisting so much, that the pain became unbearable and I finally surrendered.

I often liken this to my back tattoo.  I have the tree of life tattooed on my back.  The middle of the tree is directly over my spine.  So during the tattoo process the pain was immense at first.  I cried.  Then I started sweating like crazy and shaking.  Until finally, my body gave up fighting and laid still).

THIS was the time in which I sought out my Angels, human mentors, and began  the process of un-learning my life patterns and relearning what the world had to offer me.  

This is what the world has to offer to ALL of us.


Now, I KNOW I can direct my energy and expand into any desire I have.  

I get crystal clear on what I want
I clear my old energy field
I download aligned action steps
I keep myself accountable.
However, I still run up against resistance.  It’s my beautiful ego trying to keep me safe.  Because the ego has no idea if what is on the other side of expansion is safe.

But I know, that on the other side of expansion,  there are mounds and mounds of glittery cupcakes (and my desire).

My resistance looks different these days.  It’s often a lot of negative ego talk. I have learned to recognize and nip that in the bud.

But is happens to all of us.

Be gentle with yourself.  KNOW that there is no failure.  And there is no rush.

Love yourself and get lots of rest.  Your energy is expanding faster than your physical body.  This extra rest allows your body to catch up.

Keep on your process.  Doing what you can , when you can.

Get support along the way.

And know….you’ve got this. 

Because your heart and spirit are always expanding.  This is nothing new <3

You’ve got this my dear.

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