Be The Angel Eye

“Why did that Happen to You?”



I get this question.  A  LOT.


In my life there is a revolving door of outside circumstances that get shot at me.  Some things are great and beautiful.


Some things are downright sucky.


The most recent event involves fraud on my Business Account.  Something that can be a very upsetting event!


I was sharing the story with my Angel Academy (private group of lovely Angel-minded souls) and was asked the question, “Well, why did that happen to you?”



This is a question that gets passed around a lot due to the teachings of The Law of Attraction.  People ask, “What did you do to attract that to you?”



For me it surrounds things  that have happened in my life like:

My nephew’s death

My struggle to gain custody of my great-nephews

My brother’s death



Hashimoto’s Hypothyrodism



Adult bullies




Let me repeat what I get asked a lot


“What did you do to cause/attract that to yourself?”


I am here to say, ” A lot of nothing.”


**GASP!  Did I just say that?!!!!


While it is very important to take responsibility for your OWN role in relationships and the direction of your life (reflect on how you process and treat others), everything isn’t always your own fault…..


For LACK of positive thoughts or vibes.


It is possible that people often do not take the appropriate human action steps for good in their life.  That inaction then causes a chain of events (not paying rent due to forgetting often….leading to fines from a landlord….strained landlord relationship…..landlord choosing not to renew lease at the end of it).


Yes, there are lots of side examples and caveats.  But for the sake of  THIS conversation, we are going with forgetfulness.


It is equally important to pray, put out the good vibes, work with your Angels, focus on the good and take human action steps for the good to happen.


One day at a time.

One step at a time.


Can miracles happen?  YES.


But sitting around simply putting out good vibes (trying to attract something) won’t land you most things.  We have to take action steps WITH the good vibes.


Here we are, taking action steps to work toward our highest and best good.  We are so excited and putting out great vibes and then…..

We get sick.

We get laid off.

We get hit by a car.

We loose our life savings.




It’s not because we accidentally let a negative thought or vibe into your world.

It’s because we are here on the physical plane, in this physical body.

The Angels ask us to please, stop stop stop blaming ourselves for all of the world.

Yes, take responsibility  for anything you may have caused with your human actions.


                Then LET IT GO.


We are here in this plane, in these bodies, interacting with OTHER human beings.   Who have their own wants, needs, agendas, etc.  Which then interacts on some extent, with yours.


I have asked my Angels many times for a, “Why?”


     It typically went something like this, “Why all this pain?  Suffering?  Struggle?”


Time and time again the answer for ME has been, ” How many people can you now help?  Can you now reach?  To show them that another life IS possible.  YOU came out of this alive.  With an education.  With the capacity to love and be healthy.  This is part of YOUR life purpose.  Talk about it.  SHOW others.  LIVE it.”


How does this relate to the current bank fraud?

It’s not earth shattering with big lessons…… why did it happen?


I didn’t “attract” that.


By me having a human body and having a bank account with a debit card: I became part of the statistical pool for something to happen to that account.




Now I can share my process with you.


To help you and others see how to be the Eye of the Storm.


I may have an easy time getting this resolved with my bank….. or I may have to hire a lawyer.

   I don’t know at this point.  I can’t do anything more than the human action steps I’m taking.


I AM putting positive vibes out.  Seeing the process resolved quickly and my money returned.  I AM working with my bank and law enforcement.


Then, I LET IT GO.  I meet with my clients, do my videos, etc.


I’m doing all I can.


The Angels want YOU to be the Eye of the Storm, too.


When life is throwing crazy things your way.  When, no matter how positive you are being, or how great things are going, something bad comes in and hits you.


It IS hard at first to be the Eye of the Storm.  To stay the course is difficult too.


It’s OK to fail at being the Eye sometimes.


Lean back on to your Angels.  Your Guides.  Your God, Goddesses.


FEEL all your emotions.  And LET THEM GO.


Even when the world is swirling around you.  Lean in on your Angels.   Be the Eye of The Storm.


You can do it.


The Angels are here to help you.

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