Biz Programming for Women

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Whether you are just starting out or an established Sole Woman Business there are many choices you have to make.

Impossible Time Demands

A mountain of phone calls, papers to fill out, potential clients to meet.

and what is this thing called a marketing budget?

It’s often hard to make heads from tails.

To know the next step you need to take, or which decision will be right.

Let alone when you will have time for your self or family.

Imagine how good you would feel, knowing each step you take is the right one?

That will lead to more clients, a higher profit point and time for YOU?

That’s where the universe comes in.

I’m just here to translate and offer support and accountability.

Does this sound like you?

Are you ready for intuitive guidance with Next-Step- Visions from the divine?

Are you ready for EPIC success?

HERE is what magic has been happening:

Do you often find that your voice gets drowned out in a sea of practitioners?

Feeling lost in the online world where everyone is waving the same modality and product?

Frustrated at the copycats and unauthentic “gurus” touting their latest scheme?

I get it. I was once there too.

Watching my clients feel confused by all the noise. Seeing my bank account shrink and having the “What If’s” pop into my mind.

Then I came home to me. I came home to what flows through me as naturally as waking up in the morning.

It got me out of the noise. Out of the trying. Where my soul clients showed themselves to me and I could step out of the confusion. Using the same universe given NEXT step.

The What If’s went away.

The path was cleared for me.

My bank account started growing again!

All by this gift of the divine NEXT step.

Would you like to get out of the noise? To step forward gently and be the light house attracting the right clients? Without having to stoop to the “guru scheme”?

I’d love for you to join me on this magical journey where the universe shows you the way to step forward as The Expert. To increase your sales by 1k+ a month. All while walking the aligned path.

I’m bringing together a small group of hand picked women. All soulful business owners. These woman aren’t just out of the gate either. They have experience and depth in their journey and business.

Where I can share, teach and guide them.

Would you like in?

Let me know and I would be happy to share a little more. 

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No attachments. No judgements. Just me here, offering my heart, my wisdom in 7+ years of successful business AND the divine special sauce that YOU need, now. To allow your soul business to THRIVE with ease and authenticity in YOUR unique signature.
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“Amanda is one of clearest channels and most powerful healers I know. Her intuition is spot on and thanks to her incredible guidance I had the courage and the confidence to create my Embrace Your Purpose Program for intuitive entrepreneurs a few years ago.

Amanda has such powerful gifts that she shares in such a loving and fun way.

I highly recommend her and her amazing work to anyone who feels called to her offerings.”

– Karina Ladet, Intuitive Channel and Mentor for Conscious Entrepreneurs


*Disclaimer: This information is meant to be used as a guide.  In no way is it replacing medical care, or serving as a prescription.  Amanda does not dispense medical or psychiatric advice or prescribe the use of any treatment for physical, emotional or medical problems.  In the event you use this information, which is your constitutional right, Amanda Kunkel assumes no responsibility for your actions.

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