Chaos to Calm

Live your days in Peace


Walk through your life in ease, flow and harmony 


We’ve got this!

(and so do your Guardian Angels)


My 4 Part System

 for going from Chaos to Calm



April 2nd 2018-May 20th 2018

Center your life and get back to what is really important (you)


Stay true to YOUR purpose


Wake up EXCITED every day


Feel supported during times of harsh energy


Honor your trust desires and intentions


Ease into your heart.   Dip into your wildest dreams.


Fill yourself with love, positive people and places.


My 4 Part System will have you:

  • Feeling full and supported while putting yourself first
  • Knowing all your wants and needs ARE for your highest good
  • Getting rid of old people/ patterns so you may HAVE A BETTER LIFE
  • Looking at life in a new way; with excitement and joy!
  • Opening up to receive all the good and love being sent to you
  • Believing your happiness is not subject to things around you:  The Media, New Relationships, New Environments and other peoples emotions.
  • Start LIVING your happiest life with direction
  • SEEing the positive changes in your life as you discover your next step

“Thank you Amanda.

 This course has been life changing in the most positive way.”

 Judy Elliot, Spring 2017

Our 6 week course


Yes!  6 weeks for my 4 Part System!

Private Facebook Group for support and guidance from Amanda

6 email care packages: The tools of the program

6  live calls

6 guided meditations

We will take each step with your Angel Team.  Feeling the unconditional love and support always.

Week 1 : Meet your Guardian Angels and receive personal guidance from them

Week 2 : Step 1 Identifying Chaos.  Triggering Calm

Week 3 :  Step 2 Clearing blocks to peace, ease and flow

Week 4 :  Step 3 Your Tool Kit for the here and now

Week 5 : Step 4 A Year in the Life

Week 6 : Calm Contracts for your peace in life


Life time of change

Space is limited


What Graduates are Saying About From Chaos to Calm

I Love this!  I am leveling up and developing my gifts more.
Your kind words and encouragement keep me going!
When my family triggers me there is only calm now.  No Chaos!
You have been very supportive and I am thoroughly enjoying the process!
Huge Breakthroughs!

Terms and Conditions

Working with Amanda and Your Angels:

Amanda is pure love! Whether she is teaching a class, giving a reading, or organizing an event…I highly recommend her personally and professionally, as my clients have always expressed enjoying the quality of Amanda’s work! She even helped me personally when my own son was choosing between life and death (as we refer to it). I will always be grateful! She also comes with glitter and unicorns!


-Sheryl Henkin-Kealey The Sycamore’s Spirit Healing Retreat


Having a session with Amanda was one of the most wonderful and life-changing events in my life. I went for a session during one of the toughest times of my life. I needed to know there was a “light at the end of the tunnel” so to speak and Amanda provided me that insight. Her intuitive guidance gave me hope and a new direction. I have followed her advice and have used her predictions as mile markers along my path. I am happy to say that every mile marker has come to pass and I am well on my journey to my true life’s purpose.




Amanda has been working with her intuitive skills for many years. Her connection to the angel realm, and her sensitivity to the divine are gifts that she shares willingly and abundantly. I have enjoyed and been enlivened by her readings, by her art, and by her kind and loving soul.

-Jean Marie



I met with Amanda last week for my first Angel Healing Session and it was beyond my expectations. I did not come a list of prepared questions, I just wanted to let Amanda set the flow of the conversation and see where it lead us. Amanda was able to communicate with my angels and offer me specific guidance and insightful information. She did it in such a caring, soothing manner which made you feel very comfortable. Throughout my session she was very truthful and honest with what she was receiving from the other side-it was amazing. She was also able to communicate with some of my past loved ones and knew things about them that there is no way she would have known. It was such a beautiful experience and I would highly recommend a session with her for anyone who would like to be more in tune with themselves and their spiritual Surroundings.




I wanted to thank Amanda for the very insightful session she did!  I was stunned by some of my “personality quirks” that she picked up on and all the detail she gave. It has been about 6 weeks since my session- and one of the things she mentioned that would happen in December that I was sure could notDID HAPPEN !! (She mentioned that I would be relaxing in a cabin in the woods in December. Knowing that I didn’t have the time or money to do this, I thought surely it could not be right.  Then, my parents out of the blue decided to take a trip after Christmas and asked me to house sit….so I did at their log cabin…in the woods!! ) I am so excited and looking forward to the next few months now that I have a “hint” from the Angels and Amanda of what they might entail!  I can’t wait to come for another session !!




Healing Session:

I’ve been having angel healing sessions with Amanda for some years now, each time leaving with a powerful sense of clarity, comfort, and renewed inspiration. She passes on information your angels want you to know in a soothing, warm, and encouraging light, always truthful and not simply what you would
prefer to hear. She reminds you of forgotten dreams, hopes, and a sense of purpose if you have at all
lost them along your way. If you choose to leave it open for her to receive guidance from the angels
instead of asking a specific question(s) she is able to accurately pinpoint concerns you may be having.
It surprises me every time, replacing any skeptical parts of myself with excitement and validation that
what is being communicated is truth. I’m grateful for the privilege of knowing someone as friendly and
uplifting as Amanda, whose angel readings never fail to remind me of my life’s purposes, motivating
me to pursue them with the clarity to navigate through the uncertainties which muddy a clear vision of
direction to take.


Are you Ready to say YES to you?


Life time of change

Space is limited 

 Terms and Conditions




The purpose of my life is to bring love and happiness to this world.  

I guide moms and entrepreneurs who are struggling with the hustle burnout
My name is Amanda Kunkel and I am a leading transformational healer. I work both 1:1 and with groups of women so they may live their lives full of Freedom. Time. Peace. AND with Money in their bank accounts.
My special sauce is that I am an Angel Guide. That is a fancy way of saying a Psychic and Medium. Meaning, I work on both the human realm and the energetic realm when guiding
women through their transformational process.
This world is crying out for women leaders who are in ease and flow.
Who magnetize life TO them.
…….Not women who are running around, taking care of everyone and everything and literally making themselves sick with burnout.
This transofrmational gift is not just for me.
It’s for YOU.
For every single person on this earth.
I knew there was more to my gift than just having something fun to talk about and use on myself. It is here for me to reach out and help you.
Your family, this world, humanity.
I have my B.A in Psychology from The Pennsylvania State University. I worked full time through university,managed two Fortune 500 companies with their training in Business and Marketing. I have lived in PA and California. I double as an artist specializing in Angels, Pets and Babies. I’ve operated two sole-prop businesses and built them from the ground up. While in Gettysburg, Pa I owned the metaphysical store, The Journey Shoppe.
Time and Time again I’ve ultimately come back to:
How can I spread the most change with LOVE?
Sharing my gifts.
Leading women through transformation so that they can live in ease and flow.
I want the world to experience Love.
Joy. Hope. Support.
This is what I show up for at each session. Every class I teach.
It is how my heart operates and why I breathe each breath.
YOU. YOU mean the world to me.
You have the power inside of you to talk and walk in Alignment.
To feel infinite love and support.
I know you can have everything you have been dreaming about. Wishing about and wanting. All you have to do is clear, listen and take the human action steps to make it happen.
I am here with you each step of the way.
So much love to you!
All faiths are welcomed with open arms. While I work mainly with Angels, they are non denomiational energy.


*Disclaimer: This information is meant to be used as a guide.  In no way is it replacing medical care, or serving as a prescription.  Amanda does not dispense medical or psychiatric advice or prescribe the use of any treatment for physical, emotional or medical problems.  In the event you use this information, which is your constitutional right, Amanda Kunkel assumes no responsibility for your actions.

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