For Women

Freedom, Time & Money

Done with Burnout?

I’ve been there.  Hard.  On the floor.

I have run a single woman company.  I have integrated SO MUCH.

The crap I put up with while running running running for everyone else but me (working 14 hour days).

Lessons of charging too little.

Trying to “fit in” to how business models were being run.

All while having my website copy stolen.
All while having other businesses literally go after my clients in town (seriously).

Then the burnout.

The exhaustion.

The Hashimoto’s hypthyrodism.

There is NOTHING like laying in bed sick for a year+ while getting as many requests for FREE events, as you have clients wanting to pay bare min.

That saying about not have enough water in your own well doesn’t even cover it.

No freedom. No time. Just enough money to keep the cycle going.

Until I stopped all that shit.

  My body LITERALLY made me stop the hustle and raise my prices a few years back.

YOU can too!

Put your hand over your heart and say, “I promise to HONOR and RESPECT all of my time and talents, as well as expect the same treatment from others.”

Well Done You.

ALIGNED is the new hustle.

Draw to you with your divine feminine energy.

Stop chasing.

Relax and Receive.

YOU deserve it!

Your body, mind and bank account will thank you.

Magnetize Magnificent You.

6 months to Freedom, Time and Money.

Weekly One on One with ME (via video chat)

Receive Psychic Guidance from the Universe for Success

Releasing Blocks and Triggers with Energy Healing

Support and coaching

Email Amanda to see if you qualify for this program.

Does your brain go, ” holy shit!” When you hear me tell you to stop hustling and stop burning yourself out?

Does it give me the middle finger when I tell you to charge more for your products, time or services?

Embrace that.

Know all these triggers are OK. There is a reason you are being triggered.

It’s because deep down you want change.

I’ve been there. I’ve sat through painful as Fuck moments. Days.

Our brains are huge programs. Set to keep the “safe” status quo.

Our part is to thank our brain for keeping us safe. To love on it. But to also ask it to step aside. With love.

Create a new experience and your brain will mark it as safe.

Are you willing to have Aligned be safe?


YOUR Family

“Amanda is a very gifted medium, intuitive and healer. Her readings for me have been spot on. Her kind heart and humour also make the sessions very enjoyable. I found Amanda’s session very helpful and I continue to receive benefits from them. If you are looking for guidance or support, get in touch with Amanda.”

Lara Waldman
The Abundance Activator

 “Amanda is a world-class healer and medium with impeccable ethics, powerful skill and a giant heart. She has the one-of-a-kind ability to give clients the guidance they need to move forward in EVERY area of their lives, to heal pain and heartache and to get real answers to their questions about their lives. She is truly a healer’s healer.”
Carisa Montooth
Love Coach | Energy Healer

“I love Amanda! She is one of the kindest, most generous and intuitive souls I know. She is a woman who is wise beyond her years and uses her experiences and powerful intuitive skills to support everyone around her with so much compassion and love. Amanda is deeply loved by her clients and peers and truly is an earth angel.

If you are looking for guidance and support in you life or business I highly recommend Amanda and her powerful work. She knows how to navigate both the depths of the human experience as well as the loving energies of the angels and she is both down to earth and has a wicked sense of humour. Amanda is a an honest, deeply connected and powerful healer and intuitive. You will receive so much support and clear guidance from her and her beautiful team of angels.”

Karina Ladet
Intuitive Channel, Healer & Mentor for Conscious Entrepreneurs


The purpose of my life is to bring love and happiness to this world.  

I guide moms and entrepreneurs who are struggling with the hustle burnout
My name is Amanda Kunkel and I am a leading transformational healer. I work both 1:1 and with groups of women so they may live their lives full of Freedom. Time. Peace. AND with Money in their bank accounts.
My special sauce is that I am an Angel Guide. That is a fancy way of saying a Psychic and Medium. Meaning, I work on both the human realm and the energetic realm when guiding
women through their transformational process.
This world is crying out for women leaders who are in ease and flow.
Who magnetize life TO them.
…….Not women who are running around, taking care of everyone and everything and literally making themselves sick with burnout.
This transofrmational gift is not just for me.
It’s for YOU.
For every single person on this earth.
I knew there was more to my gift than just having something fun to talk about and use on myself. It is here for me to reach out and help you.
Your family, this world, humanity.
I have my B.A in Psychology from The Pennsylvania State University. I worked full time through university,managed two Fortune 500 companies with their training in Business and Marketing. I have lived in PA and California. I double as an artist specializing in Angels, Pets and Babies. I’ve operated two sole-prop businesses and built them from the ground up. While in Gettysburg, Pa I owned the metaphysical store, The Journey Shoppe.
Time and Time again I’ve ultimately come back to:
How can I spread the most change with LOVE?
Sharing my gifts.
Leading women through transformation so that they can live in ease and flow.
I want the world to experience Love.
Joy. Hope. Support.
This is what I show up for at each session. Every class I teach.
It is how my heart operates and why I breathe each breath.
YOU. YOU mean the world to me.
You have the power inside of you to talk and walk in Alignment.
To feel infinite love and support.
I know you can have everything you have been dreaming about. Wishing about and wanting. All you have to do is clear, listen and take the human action steps to make it happen.
I am here with you each step of the way.
So much love to you!
All faiths are welcomed with open arms. While I work mainly with Angels, they are non denomiational energy.

No refund/ No resschedules
Results based on individual commitment and follow through.
By purchasing you agree to these terms.

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*Disclaimer: This information is meant to be used as a guide.  In no way is it replacing medical care, or serving as a prescription.  Amanda does not dispense medical or psychiatric advice or prescribe the use of any treatment for physical, emotional or medical problems.  In the event you use this information, which is your constitutional right, Amanda Kunkel assumes no responsibility for your actions.

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