I Did Not Die

I made a personal Facebook Post recently about my journey with Hashimoto’s.

I also made sure to celebrate the fact that I  went into a Chronic Illness as a newer SOLE OWNER – A YOUNG WOMAN.

I  was full time in my business while I experienced two years with an  un-diagnosed chronic illness.  Then I spent another year tweeking medication and had a surgery before my health was restored.

That was THREE YEARS of serious illness.

The end result was that I came out with my business fully intact! AND THRIVING.

Let me take you back:

The year I was the sickest was the year I made the most sales ever.  More than I made when I had been working full time for Fortune 500 companies in business management.

My business had a wait list of art students and my phone was always ringing (hence why I had two phones).

Not only did I have a profit, but I was living off it it.  And even had savings.

All from my own sales in business as I did not have a partner or family member financing the journey.

While I was not rolling in the dough, I was off to an amazing and solid start.

Then my nephew died.

The acute shock triggered the onset of what had been dormant in my body..  I went from being the girl who liked to dust barns and muck horse poo for FUN….to being exhausted after taking a shower.

I also had no idea why.

I quickly had to set  my business to run mostly without me.  At that point, all I was good at was sleeping.

The few subcontracted teachers I had, the pay had to be renegotiated (since it was set up during a period I was working a lot).  I had to bring on more people.  Hire social media girls.

I made a bunch of business and personal life changes to set myself up for success.

(I moved houses.  Got a roommate…. etc..)

How did I do this you ask?

1) It was all downloaded to me by my guides.

2) I had the framework in place of a successful business and knew the “Dorky” statistic tools to make everything work.

The business ran and made it out of a THREE year long battle.

I was blessed to be self-employed during that time.  A standard 9-5 full time job would have fired me for missing so many days or sleeping on the job.

I had to cut back on the 1:1 clients I saw.  It made me get curious and creative.  I launched online classes so I could see people from bed.  In fact, if you talked to me during this time…I was probably in PJ’s in bed.

This wasn’t just luck.   It was some mad skill with divine knowledge.

Did I mention I did this all with a fog brain?

Hashimoto’s give you extreme exhaustion, fog brain and weight gain.

I won’t lie, having a chronic disease drains your personal resources and finances. It strains your friendships.  It wasn’t fun.  I didn’t have anyone like a parent or mate who would support me while I went through healing.  So it was up to the business and what resources I could magnetize to me (all while sleeping.  Since that’s basically what I did).  I was lucky to have GOOD friends that could help me here and there along the way with whatever I needed (sometimes rides to the ER.  You know….)

Having my tonsils out what the lynch pin in the healing process.  I spent 4 months recovering strength….energy.

I’ve found I have to plan my day around food.  Rest.  I basically make all my personal products organically from scratch.  There are chunks in my planner for “rest” and “walk.”

Having my brain back has allowed me laser focus my mad skills and restructure my business to totally fit me and my needs.

Like, I work from home.  I see clients from video conference on my time frame.

I can teach private art from home.  Paint commissions from home.

Turn my products into books and self run online classes.

I can still GIVE my light to the world, but keep enough that I don’t fall back into the Hashimoto’s draining grasp.

The being said,  I decided to let go of my art parties.  Not because they didn’t sell (they sell just fine).  But because it no longer Served ME.

But it now means I can work in my garden for 30 minutes without feeling like a truck hit me.
I can walk a mile without becoming dizzy (PS I used to run 4 miles, three times a week…for FUN).
I actually helped load hay at the barn one day for an hour!   I almost cried with joy!

But it means I can’t hustle.  My body literally can’t take 14 hour days.

So I had to set things up to SERVE ME.

During ALL of this change and revamping…something magical happened.

Business owners started coming to me for services.

Asking me to download divine instruction on  how to run their business.  Where to get the sales. What was the THING that would take them into their next level.

(Because let’s face it.  What survives a chronic illness?  MY BUSINESS DID!  So did I!)

“Next Level” really depends where you start at and what you have success with already.  There is no good or bad.  Right or wrong.

Every Level also takes human aligned action steps to get it.  That is something business owners avoid and fight.  “I Don’t want to!”.

What you resist  the most is where you need to lean into the most.  Anywhere in life.

Honestly, the Divine Downloads I get at the secret sauce.  The structure and statistics are easy to run once you know how.  ( Though my BA is in Psychologsy I have 6 years full time experience in business management from Fourtune 500 companies.  Plus I had a store front in 2007.  PLUS I invested in development courses when I first started this business.  It wasn’t something that was natural to me.  I had to learn it.  THEN it was easy and made sense).

So let me ask you, if you own your own biz…..

What is your profit point?  How much has it changed each year in business.

What business software do you use?  Can you quickly pull up a snapshot of where you are at?  Do you need an accountant?
Are you stuck circling people who are in your exact same business predicament  (hint: Spend time and training with those succeeding at where you WANT to be.  Not where you already are).

Do you know what your best selling item is?  The time of year it sells?  Who it is sold to?  And most importantly, HOW to leverage that item?

Where the leaks in your business are?  What funds to cut or where to trim the fat?

Do you have personal assets that you are unaware of that could help you get out of a part time job (like rent a room in your place) to go Full Time in business?

Who to partner with (What are partnerships and How do you make them)?

Monthly reviews, goal setting, and how to leverage things that didn’t work?

Need to know that 1 (or 2) golden ideas to get momentum and money flowing?

How to leverage the people ALREADY in your life (friends, family, customers) to gain even more paying clients?

Identify if you need an inflow of cash and HOW to get it (there is always another way.  Don’t take no for an answer)?

Have a clear yearly goal of Gross Vs Net sales?  (And what you need to sell and do to get them?)?

Above all else….Do you have a clear plan to process each of these, in aligned action steps with  divine blue print?  (ie. what the universe…your angels and guides KNOW is right for you to explode on the scene) without going into hustle or burnout?

Well my loves, I’ve all the answers to those.

I’ve lived them for the past 6 years.

My business survived and thrived during a 3 year chronic illness battles because of my pairing with the Divine Downloads and direction.

I KNOW you can do this to.

If I can do it while being sick for so long, you can do it just as you are 🙂

Let’s get together with your Angel Council and the Universe.

Let’s get your business out of a stuck rut and to where you want it to be.

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