I Give You Love and Hear You

I am sitting here in my office using Google Voice dictate for the first time.   Partly because it looks awesome. Partly because I’ve had a sinus infection. Which I didn’t recognize at first as a sinus infection.   But, none the less, I’ve been down for 5 days.

 Interesting, this has been a very intense week  for everyone I’ve spoken to. There have been big shifts and people moving through a lot of stuff.   I did cover some of this in my mini September Outlook. This can be found on my private group in Facebook.  ( if you are a soul sister and need access come request it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/991423180984082)  

We’re at a point in the year where we start looking towards the end of the year.   We start looking at what we’ve accomplished or have not accomplished. As humans we naturally start to wonder if we can squish things in or maybe wait till next year.   Or we even start wondering if these goals were right for us. This often creates a lot of pressure within ourselves. Often we think this pressure is bad. Most of the time though it’s indicative of change.

 I promise you that you already know what you want.    Simply give yourself permission to allow this. The funny thing is, allowing in this permission, iis often hard.

 I’m going to take a minute here and just give you permission.   That Big Shiny heart inside your body and you deserve it. People often just want to be heard and loved.    Well I hear you and I love you.

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