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All rights reserved for Amanda Kunkel and Miena Kay Etc.

Amanda Kunkel and Miena Kay Etc does not preform fortune telling.

This information is meant to be used as a spiritual guide.

In no way is Amanda Kunkel and Miena Kay Etc replacing medical care, or serving as a prescription.

Amanda Kunkel does not dispense medical or psychiatric advice or prescribe the use of any treatment for physical, emotional or medical problems.

In the event you use this information, which is your constitutional right, Amanda Kunkel assumes no responsibility for your actions.

In compliance with PA law, Tarot/ Angel Card readings are for entertainment only.

The name, image and likeness of Amanda Kunkel and the website/service, “Healing Angels Now” may not be used in any form without prior written consent.

All services are NON-Refundable.

All services are NON Re-schedule

By booking these services you agree to pay at the time of the booking.

Installment plans are available for large packages.  All payments must be paid on time.

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