Levels of Suffering

Part of what I do is introducing myself with my WHY story.

     That’s a fancy way of telling people who I am and what brought me to travel in this line of work.

I often hear feedback like:

  • I NEVER would have guess all that happened to you
  • How did you survive?
  • That’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard

To me, my life is just my life.  There have been crazy hard moments.  Moments I’m surprised I survived.

In the spiritual world, there is often talk about a Lotus blooming through the Mud.  Simply stated, that a person goes through shit before they grow into their full potential.

But everyone’s shit is different.  (or is it?)

In truth, I often can’t imagine anything else being piled up on what I went through. 

     I’ve sat with heroin addicted friends.  I’ve lost so many to drugs and abuse.  I can’t imagine that addiction in my body.

One morning I was having a conversation with my nephew.  He’s around less these days as he continues his soul journey.  Now he gets to teach me.  Though he doesn’t set out to teach me.  He just pops in and gives me crap….or holds me.  Depending on what I need.

I asked him, “WHY did you choose such a painful path.  Something that ripped you apart on earth.  I don’t understand why anyone would choose that.  I literally can’t imagine making that choice.  What the hell were you thinking?”

He answered like I had just asked him what size shoe he wore.

He simply said, “Your mud is your mud.  My mud is my mud.”

It BLEW my freaking mind.  

Then, with the assistance of my Angels, he showed me energetic truth.  Existence levels and the packs of the soul path.

He showed me that my “pain’ level…or “give” level was the same as his.  We each just chose to express it differently in the do-dad’s of life on earth.

Here is what I learned:

  • What you choose to experience has a High, Medium and Low impact on your soul path
  • Each of these three experiences can outwardly look different in there physical expression
  • The growth, expansion and change can outwardly look different too
  • The energy “level” of these and the shifts are all the same

I literally had an exhale and a lift of grief and guilt after this conversation.  I felt lighter.  

Ultimately, the message was that we are all supported and loved through anything in life.  Even if its hard to see the WHY or understand.  

Your mud is your mud.

It’s the same as my mud.  My neighbors mud.  The woman on the other side of the the world…her mud too.

<3 <3  Breath in to your moment.  Allow yourself to be held.



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