Love You First

When I was younger there was a “fruit”  snack on the market. Inside was a liquid, so when you ate it, it burst open in your mouth.

I remember thinking it was the coolest thing!

Getting to the center sent juicy liquid flowing into my mouth.

The center of you is sorta the same.  However, no one is chewing on you 🙂

Loving you first.  Placing you in the center of your life.

Knowing you are whole and complete already.

Is like getting to the center of the fruit snack.

When you can claim all your love for you.  All your good.

The greatness of you comes gushing out.

To nourish yourself, and this world.

** I know, for some people, it can feel pretty triggering to hear that, “You are already whole and complete.”  You might be thinking:

  • But I’m sick
  • But my bank account is zero
  • I’m in debt
  • I’m alone

These are simply current circumstances.  While they can FEEL pretty big (and often overwhelming), they are just that.  Circumstances.

They are not who you are.  

You are a bright and shiny soul.  I know you are.  That’s part of my super power: being able to see your soul with discernment.



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