Manifesting At Its Best

Manifesting a house was easy.

 It was the MOVE and people in my space at the last house that was annoying the heck out of me.

Ok to be fair the paperwork do-dad’s were crazy making.  However, that’s just the “STUFF” that comes along with the human side of buying a house.

     I honestly don’t know how real-estate agents or mortgage brokers do their jobs.  SO much paperwork.

HOW was it easy to manifest a house?

     Well, when it came down to it, one day I put my foot down and said, “That’s it.  We need a house NOW.”

Then I had to trust the process.

Trusting my manifestation work:

  • The shit that I cleared in myself
  • The laser pointed vision of what we wanted
  • The environment and daily activity to bring in the house
  • My rituals to Woo Woo the speed of bringing the house in
  • ….and RELEASING the HOW it came to us

All while dealing with people viewing our old house.  The inspection.  The strangers showing up.  The constant miss messaging between the buyers real estate agent and ours (and I’m not sure who dropped the ball on that one.  But MAN did I get to PRACTICE asserting CLEAR boundaries over and over and over….).

From viewing our NEW home to move in it took us a little over 30 days.

The process works!

Was it easy?  YES.  

  • Yes, once I said, “NOW UNIVERSE” and claimed it, it came.

Was I always level headed?

  • Nope.  I had to go back over and over again to my Chaos to Calm techniques.  Which included calling a lot of soul sisters for support while processing.  It’s a process, not a rescue.

Were there days I just wanted to run away?

  • Sure.  This was a whole new learning experience.  Between meditation, my Chaos to Calm techniques, a few panicked phone calls to my sisters, digging DEEPER into my intuition and using the phrase, “Chuck it in the Fuck it Buck it”, I made it through.  

Guess what?
   When you put YOUR foot down and tell the universe, “I want XYZ,  NOW” it moves.  Mountains for you.

  Sometimes 7 Mountains…..

Then I got to catch up to the speed of the universe.  I learned a LOT about me in a short time.

 It was like 4 years of college crammed into a month.

That’s where the expansion came.

AND all the downloads from the universe.

Sometimes we are pushed to our limits, because it’s time to change those limit markers and GROW.

Best Part is, the universe and divine won’t push you PAST those limits.  You are never given more than you can handle. (That is a whole other class series I could teach!).

Here we are, in our new home.  We are SOOOOOO in love with it.

Here I am, in my new office!

     I cried as I unpacked all my office items.  Oh how I’d missed them!   Most of my tools had been packed for months.   (Learning experience:  I can work without my do-dads….but it feels so much better to have them around!).

As soon as I set down at my desk on Monday the downloads from the universe hit.

     I knew they would.  I could feel them coming.  I was going within the last couple months during this process.  I TRUSTED that the process was leading me to a greater outcome.  THIS or something better, yes?

You have the exact same skill set within you NOW. Just waiting for permission to come out and play.

Are you ready?

Who is a HECK YA! to speed of light transformation?

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