Manifesting with a Partner

Manifesting with a Partner

This could be any partner, really.  Friend, Biz Partner, Boss, Spouse, Life Mate….family member….the list goes on.

It’s a little different than manifesting on your own.  There are two things to keep in mind:

  • You want to have the same set of crystal clear goals 
  • Your and their energy vibration

The first part of this process take some compromise.  When my man and I were manifesting our house, we sat down and created what we wanted in the physical house (rooms, windows, etc), the general area we wanted it in, the price tag, the shape of the house, etc.

  • We wanted lots of windows (check). Three bedrooms (check).  Maybe a separated office ( attic needs just a few tweeks to create one…check)  Off street driveway (check).  Near trees and water (got a graveyard and a river…).  A fire place or wood stove (fire place…check).
  •  I also wanted a house and yard with lots of space to grow things.  To have chickens and in a quiet area.
  •  My partner wanted to grow things, but for him boxes are fine.  He wasn’t excited either way about chickens and really wanted to walk to work.
  •          So we are in an area that he can walk to work, the  house might not much yard but a community garden is down the street and we are in a “quieter” than the rest of town.

Where you are clear and together on your goals, they will drop right in.

Where your goals are not 100% in line with another, you got results that are “in-between” both wants.

The second part of this process is more complicated.

Two people vibrate at different energy vibrations and have different capacities for receiving.

In romantic relationships couples often tend to be opposites and balance each other out.

In business partnerships two people tend to be around the same vibration.

It’s great when two people can talk to each other about energy vibrations and manifesting.  They are able to seriously co-create at that point.

However, often, one partner (especially in romantic situations) is not into the “woo woo” as much as the other partner.  Or has a big block in the vibration that slows down the manifestation process.

How does one resolve this?

    Without violating another persons free will.
     WITH working energetically with the other’s Angels and Guides IF they consent
     WITH making a big choice to manifest NOW.

These are all vibration choices of choosing the goal NOW.

No wants.

No wishy washy.

Claim it NOW.

<3 <3 <3

This can take practice.  Experience.  As well as a healthy dose of boundaries and expectations for one self.

I know you’ve got this.  

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