One Step From Success?


One step from success?

Are you feeling like a big old wall keeps hitting you when you are JUST within reach of your goals?

Feeling let down and deflated by the pattern?

This happens from time to time. It is important NOT to give up.

When any of us hit the same wall or pattern, it is often because there is a big energy block in the way.

It’s not something you caused on purpose. No need to fret over this or go into fear/ lack. 

We live in a flesh and blood world. And sometimes, over the years, we develop blocks. ( I could also say it’s Normal for that to happen).

Yes, I just called you “Normal”.


These blocks simply need released and healed.

Sounds easy? Some are! 💫 This is why you have been able to get so close to your goals (You’ve been rocking it! You have had a clear vision and an fairly open road. You have said “No” energetically to Blocks that popped up along the way. Until that wall wouldn’t budge. Frustrating, yes? I’ve been there too! I get it).

However, larger patterns often call for help. Your Angels are here to help.

Your Guardian Angels have been with you since before you were born. They know the pathways to your heart and soul. They know what your purpose is for being here and the fastest and easiest path to it!

Life isn’t supposed to be hard.

Would like to clear these blocks to your success (and at the same time bring in more love, support, freedom of time and money in your entire life)? I would be honored to meet with you, and your Angels to clear these suborn blocks.

Hi! I’m Amanda (waves). I’m an Angel Guide and Healer (sort of a subsection of psychic/ medium). I meet with women to connect them to their Guardian Angels. During these private sessions the Guardian Angels provide energy healing (don’t worry love, I’m right there with you. It doesn’t hurt. You do feel light and refreshed afterward!!!) as well as the aligned human action steps (that’s what you need to do in the physical world to get the fastest and most soul purpose driven results) you need to bust through that wall.

You’ve Got This. Your desire for success would not be within you if the WAY to is success wasn’t also within you!

Are you ready to succeed?

To feel light, refreshed, loved and supported?

Because Life Really Is Good

If you are so called, I would be honored to meet with you and your Guardian Angels in a 30 minute Meet and Greet video conference. We can look at what blocks you are facing, what your Angels and I can do, and if a Healing Session is right for you. These Meet and Greets are complimentary. Simply send me an email at

 Much Love and Hugs

Want MORE Angel Love?

I would be honored to give you my most popular class: 4 Fast and Easy Steps to Connect to Your Angel Council!

Click here for your free video copy!

Welcome Loves

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