You are working on your journey.  Doing your aligned action steps.  Getting into vibration will all you want and all you dream of.
You feel good…..  things start to look up….
….and then the poo hits the fan.
Around you.
Drama.  Apparent blocks popping up.  People in their stuff and trying to put it on you.
Your ego says, “See, I told you this wouldn’t work.”
It LOOKS like the universe is TRYING to test you.  To say to you, “So how committed are you to this??  Cause here is a pile of poo for you.”
I’ve been there.  I get it.
It side swipes you.  Takes the wind out of you.
Then you start wondering what you are doing wrong or what isn’t working.
My dear.  I PROMISE you, that all that you are working toward is coming to you.  This is literally the poo coming up to get cleared out of your life.
The poo (other people’s stuff and situations) that no longer serve you.
That are no longer aligned to your vibrational field.
Like a zit, that stuff needs popped cleaned  away.  You must then tend to yourself every day to keep that zit from coming back.
Which would be keeping to your nourishing daily practices.
Let the poo go.
ALLOW in everything you have been journeying toward.  ALL that is now in beautiful alignment with your new vibration.
You may have to affirm boundaries.
Leave situations or people.
Give up bad habits.
Teach people NEW ways to treat you.
But I promise you, your journey is moving along amazingly.
Keep it up beautiful you.

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