GDPR Privacy Notice


As of May 7, 2018

We collect the following personal data when registering for a webinar: Email Address

We collect the following personal data when registering for a class or session: Name, Email address, Phone and possibly physical address or Skype address

What we do with the personal data we collect:

The information is store in either our email system or booking system for use on

1) Contacting you via email or phone regarding a booked (and paid for session/ course/ etc).  This would be to confirm date/time.  Alert you to any changes and send reminders of your session/course/etc.

2)Asking you if you would like to sign up for our email newsletter so that we may:  Inform you of what is going on.  This includes freebies, love letters, new paid options and falls under the category of Active Marketing.  You may DECLINE this (by choosing not to opt in) and/or Opt out at any time.

3) We only use your personal address to arrive at your location for a session/course/etc.

4) We only use your skype address if we are meeting 1:1 on skype for a session.

Processing Systems you will see and storage of information:

The following systems are used for email collection and adhere to GDPR: Mail Munch and Mail Chimp

The following systems are used for paid booking and adhere to GDPR: Aquity Scheduling

Payment processor used and adhere to GDPF:  Square

Email system used to store and process bulk emails, adheres to GDPR: Mail Chimp


How long we keep information:

Until you OPT Out or information is purged from each system (Mail Munch, Mail Chimp, Aquity Scheduling and Square)


We do NOT SELL your information or share your information with other third parties.


Consent: By consenting to this information you are giving us your permission to process your personal data specifically for these purposes identified.  Consent is required for Miena Kay Etc to process these types of personal data, but it must always be explicitly given.  When we are asking for your personally sensitive data we will tell you how and why the information is being used.


Miena Kay Etc



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