It has become abundantly clear to me, as we head into this harvest season,  just how much each and everyone of us has our own special sauce. That part within each soul and heart that is truly full of a sparkling individual imprint.


I know pop psychology says that we aren’t supposed to tell our kids that they are very unique.


Well, when you have the gift to look within a soul, you can SEE just how unique and special it is.


        And yes, I say this for the haters too.  You know, the people that sit around and troll the internet, their neighbors, etc.  They too have a special sauce. It is simply so covered with the pain and sadness they have developed that it is harder for the naked eye to see.


It’s our society that is set up to not see this sparkle within everyone.  Yes, big business can easily replace an employee. But that’s not because the employee wasn’t special.  It is because the system is set up to not see it.


So go ahead and see it.


In yourself.  Your neighbor.  Friends. Co-Workers.


Let your own special sauce out to play!  …….and don’t worry about what other people think.  Because:


  1. You cannot control how other people react to you.  
  2. What people see in you largely  mirrors of what is in themselves.  
  3. The experience other people have of you is THEIR experience.  Not yours and not The Truth.
  4. Some people will never be happy and that’s their stuff.

One more time, that is THEIR stuff, not yours.


Remind yourself it is safe to shine.  To let the world know what YOUR special sauce is.  


I promise you that someone else out there is desperately wanting to show their special sauce but is afraid.  You can BE the example that helps inspire them out of their shell.


Also, there are other people in this world who have been YEARNING for your special sauce.  Who will be so flipping excited that you are showing it, that they will come to your door to thank you.


No one else is you.  Only you are you.  


Come on over my friend.


Let’s play together as our shining sparkly self is glowing for the world to witness.


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