I’ve had an emotionally raw and open past week.

Like my mentor says, “Real Estate stress is a whole different level of stress.”

There should be a classification in the DSM for it. I swear.

It’s really easy to get caught up in the DOING of life. To get stuck in your head and forget to check back in with your heart.

Spoiler Alert: Living from your heart (while checking in with your head) is the key to a wonderful life.

To more love. Joy. Freedom. Calm. Peace. And Money. (Love and money are connected. That’s for another time.)

Back to me crying my eyes out to a soul sister this morning….

I didn’t mean to cry. We were just chatting and she asked how I was and the tears came right out.

It probably sounded like, “Sob sob, House, sob sob, sleep, sob sob private space, sob sob.”

But she knew. She got it. She was hearing my heart.

And I felt SOOOO much better after. In fact I called my man and said, “Ok, here is what is super triggering me in this move process and why.”

He didn’t know. Because I had not told him (Only one psychic needed per household…)

Opening up ALWAYS is what LETS more love in.

It can be really scary if it is new to you. Or you have had past experiences (over and over) that showed that circumstance was not safe to open up to love in.

I KNOW from both personal experience and the messages from about that YOU are worthy of love simply because you are in body. You are a spirit. Which is LOVE.

Always call that safe friend when needed. Let your heart open. Speak your words from your heart. (People can understand heart words over sobbing)

Holding you tight. Holding space for you and whatever your process is.

Always let more love in.

Would you like my guide to have more Time, Freedom and Money?

Here it is!

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