Someone Forking With You?


Someone Forking With You?

It’s easy to get caught up in our every day human selves.  Our beautiful bodies that keep us here on earth need plenty of tending too.
The spiritual community focuses a lot on self care and healthy boundaries.  So what happens when someone out there is royally Forking with you?
(Yes, that is the word you are thinking I mean).
It happens.  It really does.  Gas Lighting is a real thing.  People manipulate each other and out right use one another.
What is one to do?
Here is your first aid kit for when someone is Forking with you.
1) Take a deep breath.
                    You might be thinking, “Did she REALLY just say/do that?”   (Example, when a woman yelled at me claiming I have no idea what it’s like to deal with an addict in the family.)
                    You might be shocked.  “That’s so out of character for this person.”
                    You might be stunned, “Wait.  What???”
                      Whatever reaction or trigger it brings up, first take a deep breath.
2) Make sure you understand the situation correctly.
                        Could this be a miscommunication?
                         Does this person have all the facts?
                          Do I have all the facts?
3) Center yourself
                         Sometimes its best to pull out of the situation so you can meditate, ground yourself and give yourself some time (if you can).
                         FEEL into your body.  Is this an attack?  Or is the person just displaying THEIR stuff outwards as they work through it?
4) It’s not personal
                           I know.  Easier said than done.
                             This is always about the other person.  You may have accidentally triggered something in them.  It’s not your fault.  Really.
5) Be the one with EXPECTATIONS OF SELF.
                           Go back to step 3 to repeat.  This will help keep your own ego in check.
                             It’s easy to say, “Be the Bigger Person.”  Or, “Ignore them.”  But that doesn’t give you any power.
                               You can show your power, how you EXPECT TO BE TREATED (and not Forked with) while also not attacking or blaming the other people.
6) Remember, everything is here to Help You.
                               Try seeing the bigger picture.  Lean in to what you could learn or do from this.
          Often, it is not hanging out with people who like to Fork with others.
       Or setting the vibration frequency of “Here are my expectations of treatment” with people in your life.
                            Remember, this isn’t to let the other person off the hook.  It’s to not even have a hook.  
                                Or as they say in The Labyrinth, “You have no power over me.  You never did.”  …..and WALK AWAY.
7) No need to send loads of love and light.  Cut those cords and move on.

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