“There is no try. There is just Do.”

The Karate Kid ( the original) was on TV last weekend.  Of course, my man HAD to watch it.

As a child of the 80’s- I watched a LOT of the Karate Kid.  It didn’t help my cousin was obsessed with it.

However, watching it as an adult brought a whole new level of COOL to the movie.

In fact, I quoted Mr. Miyagi to a soul sister yesterday.

“There is no try.  There is just do.”

We all know what it is like when we have a dream or want something and go after it.  It is DOING the stuff it takes to get it.

Sometimes we hit our heads up against a wall…..and get into the TRYING mode.  Which is really just a stream of thought.

When we decide we want something and make it a non-negotiable, that is when we are DOING.

I’ve been in TRY plenty of times in my life.

My beautiful ego brain says some pretty crazy things to me at time.  Such as, “You are not good enough.  It will never happen.  Zebra’s have pink and yellow dots.”   YOU KNOW.  The talk that is not real and makes us doubt ourselves.

Let’s go back to the Karate Kid for a moment.

Remember when Mr. Miyagi makes Daniel sand the floor, paint the house, stain the fence and wash the car?

Mr. Miyagi is teaching him the body movement of Karate.

BUT  most importantly, he is getting Daniel out of his head and away from his ego.

Had he tried to teach Daniel the movements  Karate….Daniel (who just got his tushy handed to him several times by bullies and embarrassed in front of the girl) whose self-esteem was down, would have been caught in, “I can’t do it.  I guess I can try.”

Instead, Daniel was so engrossed in his manual labor, that his body just DID the movement.

He came out of TRY and got into DO.

Watching the movie last weekend was blowing my mind.  In fact, I identified the Reiki used on Daniel  which made the ending make so much more sense.

YOU can get out of TRY and into DO without as much manual labor (I promise.  Though I also loved my time mucking horse stalls….so there is that….)

If I can do it, you can do it.  I KNOW you can.

Resistance and the ego tend to pop up together.  Here are a few helpful tricks to keep you in DO (which is FLOW):

  • Meditate.   Start with even 5 minutes and a guided video
  • Tap it Out.  I love Brad Yates taping videos on Youtube
  • Go on a walk.  Or better yet, get on a horse
  • Paint, draw, bake.  Anything to get you in FLOW.
  • BREATHE.  Your breath brings you home to yourself

And never give up.  There is no failure, only stopping trying.

A few of my Woo Woo suggestions are:

  • Call on your Angels and guides and ASK for help
  • Sit with your triggers and receive energetic healing on them
  • Meet with a practitioner to help you through the trigger or resistance.

Most importantly, KNOW deep down that you’ve got it.  

You really do. 

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