Where did you end up?

Where did you think you would end up in life?

As a small child I wanted to be a teacher. Veterinarian. Artist. Author. Ranch hand.

In high school I took anthropology, psychology, law and shadowed in an elementary school.

In my late teens I was working full time and going to college. Having refined down my life tragetcoty from being an FBI profiler, to getting my PHD in psychology.

And I had no idea how drastically my life was going to change.

Because the universe always course corrects. You never are too far off your life path to jump back on.

….no matter how many thousands of dollars in university, years of sweat, taking the GRE, and touring grad schools….

To toss you back on course.

A course I had been asking for. Searching for my whole life.

The Univrese won’t give you something you aren’t ready for. Or more than you can handle.

At 22 years old everything changed. Not over night, but over a series of significant events, It’s been an interesting path since. With a few more course corrects.

You can only hide from yourself for so long.

In that 22nd year of mine, I dove right in to myself. Learning to work with my guides, angels, hone my psychic skills, communicate with the beyond.

I studied books. Worked with various groups. Got my first tarot deck. Worked with the church. Met my first mentors.

In that time I saw the best of, and the worst of, this spiritual path I’m on.

What happens when the “dark side” tries to get into the light.. And then when human egos and chaos rule.

Bringing me back to why I work with the light. Because I won’t touch that shit with a 10 foot pole.

Been there. Done that. (Didn’t happen TO me. But I was helping attempt to restore the light for others).

Why I’m practical and educational in my approach. Why I’m always saying, “FOCUS ON THE DIVINE.”

Not out of fear or lack. But for a respect of forces larger than us humans. To make sure I don’t add to the glorification of the dark side. ( Yeah that sounds so Star Wars).

LIVE in the light and show others the way.

My rational brain would never have dreamed this up. Where I have ended up. What I do.

For over a decade I’ve been brought back to my path over and over again.

To teach. Provide safe healing environments. Inspire. Educate

Where has your life changed? Where are you heading? Have you planned for it?

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