Worst Job Ever

Out of the top worst jobs…..Psychic Hotline was one of them.

At least I wasn’t scrubbing toilets or trying to sell people something they didn’t need.  But it was an even more unforgiving gig than waitressing.

This was several years ago.  I was actually excited about working from home for a psychic hotline.  I had only begun seeing clients online and felt this was a great addition and expansion for where I was going with the soul of my business. My calling.

While it didn’t fit in with what my BRAIN was telling me I needed…..it did show me a valuable reminder of who I am.

To begin with, the process of being accepted to a psychic hotline was really rigorous.  More so than any professional job I’ve ever had.  Mostly because it also included psychic tests and test readings (I loath tests!!!!)

I was all excited for my calls!!!

It was horrible.

It was terrible.

I wanted to throw the phone.

Why?  Because callers only wanted to hear what they wanted to hear.  They would hang up before the first 3 minutes (free) were up and call back to get another psychic.

Ok, there were a few that really wanted love, change, and to move through to their highest good.  THOSE were amazing calls.

But overall, I was treated like a circus freak.  

It reminded me, to look deep in me.  Because, I operate differently than most Tarot Readers or Psychics.


I’ve always been a healer.  It is part of my DNA. 

I really started to focus on helping move people through their stuff in 2007, after sitting around doing Tarot Readings non stop.

 I owned a Metaphysical Store in Gettysburg, PA at the time.  I had regulars.  But I also had tourists that came through.  Mostly they were looking for entertainment.  Which is Fine. We all love to be entertained.

It was at this point I started to see the two roads that were upcoming for people.  Either the road of least resistance (that is, they kept up with their normal patterns and life) or the road of deep healing (changing patterns that got them to their current unwanted circumstance and then allowing their dreams in).

I had this huge AH HA moment.

As a born healer, I KNEW it was part of my mission to help people to get to their road (and life) of WANTED dreams coming true.  Not just the same old stuff.

So giving a simple Tarot Reading or Psychic Reading no longer fit the bill for me.

That is when I started offering Angel Healing.  Energy Healing.  Ego-Mind-Pattern adjustment.  Shadow Side work. etc

Plus I thought it SERIOUSLY unethical to let people continue on patterns that were getting them no where (and taking their money for it) while trying to simply coach them to, “Well, I see it could happen for you.”

Believe me when I say, I’m not accusing any Tarot Reader or Psychic of being unethical.  

What I’m saying is my personal soul contract calls for MORE from my readings.

And let’s face it, it’s not the Easy route.

I know because I have been the client, sitting with a healer, working through my stuff.  It takes commitment, determination and above all, follow through.

Looking at one’s own triggers.  Processing and moving through that can be dang uncomfortable.

But yet, it’s part of who I am to help people through old patterns and pains, to their dreams.

I was reminded of this, all those years ago, while sitting as a reader on the Psychic Hotline (contract says I can’t tell you which one), 

I promptly turned in my notice.

A notice of NO to less.


More love.  More support. More giving.  More standards…..more ME.

Take time every day to say YES to MORE for yourself.

By being here on earth, it is part of your soul to receive MORE  GOOD.

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