You had the Power all Along


I truly am so grateful I have added Live events locally to my schedule.

I used to only travel for live events.  So I seriously limited them.

Each and every person I have met and connected to, has been a gift.

I remember when life didn’t always feel like a gift.  Sometimes it was downright hard to even get my personal, basic needs met.

For me it took connection with my Guardian Angels, and following through with aligned human action steps, to see life start to unfold FOR me.

Plus a lot of unicorn glitter helped.

I see the same in my wonderful, beautiful clients.

My life is where I pull my teachings from.  What I have been personally shown, walked through and told to share with others.


Your Guardian Angels WANT you to live an abundant life. Full of happiness, peace, support, love and resources. They know the way and are waiting to show you how to claim it!

Feeling called to a life that is always giving and happening for you?
Needing to connect to a deeper love and support system that is always with you?

I’d be honored if you would join me in a discovery call.  We can see where you are at and if a healing session would be right for you.

If you are called to go deeper with your own spirit and soul journey here on “earth school”, I will show you the tools. Because as Glenda says, “You had the power all along my dear.”

Simply send me an email at:


Sending you so much love, holding your highest and best good to the light.


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