Your Body Your Angel Temple


I literally was having this conversation on Thursday and fell down the stairs on Friday.  PS- I’m OK!

*Go Me*

In our society, there is something “normal” about pain.

We glamorize pain.  

We’ve even been taught to “fight” our bodies.  “Just push through it!” other humans say.

………your Angels say, “Enough!”



Take care of you!

“Toughing it out” through pain is not a badge of honor.

Pain is your body telling you something is wrong/ needs to change.

Stop fighting your body and LOVE on it.

Our bodies are sacred.

So many women have talked with me about feeling “trapped” in their bodies.

  • Cancer
  • Chronic Disease
  • Post Pardum
  • Miscarraiges
  • day to day fatigue
  • Stress/ Stain

I understand COMPLETELY as I have Hashimotos Hypothyroidism.

…..I know that feeling of being “trapped” inside a body that is just being a cranky prat.

But yet it is calling to you.  To love it.

To nourish it.

Of course, take the human action steps of seeing the correct doctor for your needs and following prescriptions/care.

Yet, don’t fight against that body.

It’s what we do when we feel trapped.  We fight against whatever is trapping us.


Our body needs our love.  The Angels have said time and time again, “Your body is TRYING to keep you here.  Keep you healthy.  Keep you safe.  LOVE on it.”

Yes, this includes self care routines (see below!  My newest Live Workshop on Self Care and Boundaries)

This also means emotionally LOVING your body.

Thank your body for doing it’s best.

Hug yourself.  Give your body a pep talk.

This sacred container that allows you to be on earth.

Just like a parent loves on a child who is trying to do their best……that is your relationship with your body.


…..and take those human action steps to see your doc.  Alternative meds if that is your thing.  Preventative care.  Self Care.  Loving your body through this phase.

Many Hugs and Much Love to you…..and your body


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