Your Divine Blueprint

It is YOUR time NOW



This life is yours to love.  You are meant to be the center of your world.  From here you CAN Co-Create the life of your dreams!



It’s time to shift NOW, if you:

Are always putting other’s needs first:  the boss, the kids, the family, the neighbors

Stuck in a rut

Wearing the weight of the world on your shoulder

Where joy once was, is a To Do List

Emotionally raw

Nothing seems to go your way

Are constantly ONE step from success….



Gain Relief NOW

Drop any fear and doubting



  • Put Yourself First.  Always.
  • Experience transformation during the 1st session
  • Tailor 4 key areas of your Life to YOUR needs (Purpose, Relationships, Abundance, Well-Being)
  •  Be supported as blocks to your dreams are removed
  • Supercharge the universes bread crumb trail 
  • Feel and BE in control of your Life with easy action steps


During our time you will receive:


12 personal one to one sessions with Amanda over 3 months

2 Meditations crafted by your Angels to Blast through your Blocks

1 Divine BluePrint written with your Angels for YOUR dream life

1 Channeled twelve month outlook


Wake up full of energy.  

Deeply believe in yourself

Be in control of your TIME and LIFE

Allow your days to unfold with ease

Internalize Change


Are you Ready to receive the strength and courage to implement change?  


To change your Life FOREVER



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Excited for this program but need some more information?  I would love to connect with you on a 30 minute complimentary breakthrough session call.

Break through




Working with Amanda is like:


“I love Amanda! She is one of the kindest, most generous and intuitive souls I know. She is a woman who is wise beyond her years and uses her experiences and powerful intuitive skills to support everyone around her with so much compassion and love. Amanda is deeply loved by her clients and peers and truly is an earth angel.

If you are looking for guidance and support in you life or business I highly recommend Amanda and her powerful work. She knows how to navigate both the depths of the human experience as well as the loving energies of the angels and she is both down to earth and has a wicked sense of humour. Amanda is a an honest, deeply connected and powerful healer and intuitive. You will receive so much support and clear guidance from her and her beautiful team of angels.”

Karina Ladet
Intuitive Channel, Healer & Mentor for Conscious Entrepreneurs

The purpose of my life is to bring love and happiness to this world.  

When YOU shine YOUR light….that is what happens!




What people are saying about Amanda’s sessions and courses:


“Thank you Amanda.  This course has been life changing in the most positive way.”

 Judy Elliot, Spring 2017 From Chaos to Calm


Amanda is pure love! Whether she is teaching a class, giving a reading, or organizing an event…I highly recommend her personally and professionally, as my clients have always expressed enjoying the quality of Amanda’s work!She even helped me personally when my own son was choosing between life and death (as we refer to it). I will always be grateful! She also comes with glitter and unicorns!



-Sheryl Henkin-Kealey The Sycamore’s Spirit Healing Retreat


I’ve been having angel healing sessions with Amanda for some years now, each time leaving with a powerful sense of clarity, comfort, and renewed inspiration. She passes on information your angels want you to know in a soothing, warm, and encouraging light, always truthful and not simply what you would
prefer to hear. She reminds you of forgotten dreams, hopes, and a sense of purpose if you have at all
lost them along your way. If you choose to leave it open for her to receive guidance from the angels
instead of asking a specific question(s) she is able to accurately pinpoint concerns you may be having.
It surprises me every time, replacing any skeptical parts of myself with excitement and validation that
what is being communicated is truth. I’m grateful for the privilege of knowing someone as friendly and
uplifting as Amanda, whose angel readings never fail to remind me of my life’s purposes, motivating
me to pursue them with the clarity to navigate through the uncertainties which muddy a clear vision of
direction to take.



My name is Amanda Kunkel and I am an Angel Guide.  I work with individuals and their Angel Council so they may live their highest and best good.   I connect into the heart of every person I work with.  From here we heal, center, clear and bring to life  all their hearts desires.


As a small child I was obsessed with Angels.  I had Angel dolls, Angel toys, dressed up as an Angel (other than just at Halloween) and clearly remember talking to Angels.  My favorite activity was to play in the thickest trees with my Angel and Fairy friends.   I have many a memory of sitting and playing with my deceased Aunt while I was very young.

During adolescence I was known among the  local kids as, “That Girl with the Dreams.”    At this point my dreams began merging into my very first psychic readings.  My young adulthood was spend researching, learning and practicing honing in my communication skills with the other side.

Not just for me.  For YOU.

For every single person on this earth.

I knew there was more to my gift than just having something fun to talk about and use on myself.  It is here for me to reach out and help you.

Your family, this world, humanity.  


I have my B.A in Psychology from The Pennsylvania State University.  I worked full time through university,managed two Fortune 500 companies with their training in Business and Marketing.  I have lived in PA and California.  I double as an artist specializing in Angels, Pets and Babies.  I’ve operated two sole-prop businesses and built them from the ground up.  While in Gettysburg, Pa I owned The Journey Shoppe.  It was a metaphysical store that I worked and did Tarot Readings at the same time.

Time and Time again I’ve ultimately come back to: How can I spread the most love?

Sharing my gifts.

Teaching the world how to communicate with their Angels.

I want the world to experience Love.

 Joy.  Hope.  Support.

This is what I show up for at each session.  Every class I teach.

It is how my heart operates and why I breathe each breath.

YOU.  YOU mean the world to me.

You have the power inside of you to talk and walk with YOUR Angels.  To feel their infinite love and support.

I know you can have everything you have been dreaming about.  Wishing about and wanting.  All you have to do is clear, listen and take the human action steps to make it happen.


The Angels are with you each step of the way.  

I am here to help you connect with them.

So much love to you!


Are you ready to be #1 in your life?


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Amanda Kunkel

Lemont, Pa


*Disclaimer: This information is meant to be used as a guide.  In no way is it replacing medical care, or serving as a prescription.  Amanda does not dispense medical or psychiatric advice or prescribe the use of any treatment for physical, emotional or medical problems.  In the event you use this information, which is your constitutional right, Amanda Kunkel assumes no responsibility for your actions.

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