Your Past Life is Sabotaing Your Current Life?



What is a Past Life???

Past Lives are like a soul system.  The soul system I have been shown by the Angels does not fit neatly into any one package of religion or belief circle.  It has multiple layers.  It crosses dimensions and planes of existence.   It is vast and always expanding.

That is where I come from when I say:  You have most likely lived before.  You probably will live again.  Maybe on this earth.  Maybe another.

Let’s stay focused on this earth.

See, earth is really like one big school.  In daily life, we THINK we send our kids to school to get a good education to get a job and be well rounded.  But really, all of earth is one big school for our soul.

Birth to Death is sorta like K-12 on the soul plane.  Except that (call it heaven or universal existence or whatever you are comfortable with) is where our soul lives

Some of us have been around longer than others.

Which begs the question: What is a soul?  How is it made?

Here is the best way I can use human words to sum up what I am shown:

Souls are a set of vibrations held together by personality.   This is a over simplistic way to describe what I  see.  However, I don’t want to start confusing people.

Souls are born out of love.  Just like Angels are.

Angels are just a set of vibrations held together by unconditional love and purpose.  Again, super simplistic.  But it gets the main point across.

On the soul plane we travel in soul groups.  Which are sorta like families here on earth.  Most people on earth that are biological family are also a soul family.  However your friends on earth can also be your soul family.

Since most of us have been alive before, we’ve traveled on earth with different members of our soul families before.

THAT is where stuff really get complicated.


As you know from being in a human body (and reading this) with a human ego….. humans do not always get along.  Sometimes they hurt each other.  Sometimes they have many many lives of hurt or are tied up in some Drama.

If this hurt and drama are not resolved in this life, you can bet that you will be circling all that stuff again in an upcoming life.

The souls you travel with might change places (a friend becomes a parent or sibling.  Or vice versa).  But the main STUFF that you have to work through will still be there.

When you are on the soul plane you CHOOSE to work through it again on your next earth life.

I KNOW.   You are wondering, “But WHY would I do that?

It’s like potting a plant until it grows strong and healthy.  If you really care about that plant, you keep trying.

Not all earth family relationships end with drama or hurt.  Sometimes we work together REALLY well.  So we will CHOOSE to have these souls in another earth life with us.  To help us.  To guide us.  To push us toward greatness.

How do you know if you’ve traveled on earth with a soul before?

Is there drama or hurt?
Do you just Click instantly with this person?
Feel there is a deeper interaction every time you converse?
Do you push one another to each others  dreams?

If so, they are part of your soul family.  And you are working on something with them.

There ARE many other layers and reasons of WHY we are here.  Why we chose to come and experience the life we have chosen.

Many times we see reoccurring patterns in our life as our own soul DRAMA working itself out. YES, such issues are also tied to earthly reasons, but the ROOT of the reason often is past life stuff trying to get resolved.

Such as:

Always being broke
Having family always fail you
About to hit success to have it snatched away, over and over….
Poor health
Attracting the wrong kinds of romantic partners
Substance Abuse
Loosing job after job or friend after friend
Phobias and Fears

and the list goes on

The KEY here is to know the ROOT or the WHYAND to resolve it and move on (to happiness, health, wealth, soul joy!)

As we are rounding out 2018 it is the perfect time to take a look at WHAT went on in past soul lives here on earth, HOW it recreated a pattern or drama connected to this life and then HEAL  it to MOVE ON.

Over in the  free Soul Sister Facebook Group, Healing Now, I’ve talked a lot about my past lives.  I’ve also shared about women who have come to me in the last month and the strides they have made.  (Not in Healing Now?  Request Access HERE )

Let’s give A little love for the brave women who have stepped forward to investigate their past, to heal their present!

Are you being called to break patterns and drama popping up in the here and now?

I’d be honored to meet with you too for a Past Life Session.

These sessions are only available for purchase through 10/31/18.    ***Reading this after 10/31/18?  SHOOT ME AN EMAIL!
You may BOOK the actual date of the session anytime through the end of the year.

Here is what to expect:
Identifying current blocks or patterns (DRAMA) in your life (money, career, relationship, etc).
2-4 Past Life accounts (channeled through your Angels and I) to touch on each drama as to WHAT you experienced and WHY it is still having an affect on your current life.
Energetic healing with the Angels to release these specific blocks/ patterns/ drama connected to your past life.
The ability to move forward with peace, joy and love for self and your life.

Our time will last about 60-90 minutes

Your link to purchase is HERE.

Feeling you in love and empowerment.

In moving forward through the last two months of this year.

To creating a life in the PRESENT, unblocked by the past.


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